Western Washington Football Official's Association
The Western Washington Football Official's Association is continually seeking new members to join our organization. Experience is NOT a requirement. We have a highly successful training program that covers every aspect of the game of football. If you have time to commit, we have the resources to teach and develop you as a new football official.
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What does it take to become an Official?

While experience as a football official or player is good, it is not required. We conduct a thorough on-field and classroom training program for new officials. Instruction is directed exclusively toward building a solid fooundation of rules, mechanics, and common sense knowledge that will enable you to step on the field at your first game with confidence.

Attendance at pre-season and regular season meetings held once a week are required. During the season you can work as many or as few sub-varsity games as your normal schedule will allow.

Costs associated with becoming a football official included local and state dues. In addition, you are required to have the complete uniform prior to working your first game (programs are available to help mitigate costs).

Reasons to become an Official

If you love football, officiating is the best way to stay involved in the game. You actually get to be onthe field and not on the sidelines.

Officiating provides a meaningful reason to stay in shape.

Officiating provides a unique opportunity to positively influence young people.

Earn some extra spending money - Unlike other hobbies, the time spent officiating will put some money in your pocket.

How Do I Join?
Contact Jan Wolcott at 253.826.2460 or come to any of the apprentice meetings starting in July.
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